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First post! Woo! In cooperation with some other students in the MLIS program, I've been running around collecting interviews from Alternative Library coordinators for CKUT's literary segment. It airs at the asshole end of the morning - 7:30a.m on Mondays. And the segments we've been collecting run into the 0.5-1 hour range, whereas CKUT wants 5-10 minute segments. I've been getting some pretty incredible stuff out of people who have no previous library training, but are encountering the same problems that we're being instructed about in our courses - and attacking those problems using DIY solutions that mirror the strategies we're being taught. So I'm hosting the full interview here! I'm calling it "Behind the Stacks," but I'd love it if someone could suggest a name that doesn't sound so dirty. If you're interested in helping, want to suggest changes to the format - or new places for Behind the Stacks to go once we're finished with Alternative Library spaces - please leave a message after the beep (in the comments).

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